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  • Happy Anniversary! May God continue to use you and your gifts and talents to His glory!
  • Rev. Dr. Donald L & Mrs. Lurlie Sharp
  • Happy Fiftieth Year Anniversary Pastor & !st Lady!.
  • Happy Anniversary, Pastor (1964 - 2014)
  • Happy 50th Year to our Pastor and 1st Lady. The Usher Ministry.
  • Happy Anniversary 1st Lady!
  • Happy 50th Year Anniversary! Pastor & brother, David
  • Happy Anniversary, the Official Board
  • David Jenkins & Ruby Jenkins (Widow of the late Dea. Ivory Jenkins) Happy Anniversary to Donald & Lurlie.
  • Greetings from the WMU - Happy 50th Year Anniversary, Pastor & 1st Lady
  • Happy 50 year Anniversary! The Media Ministry
  • Mrs. Lurlie Sharp. Teaching Sunday Morning Bible School. She is a natural in a classroom!
  • Happy Anniversary to our 1st Lady. A virtuous woman indeed.
  • Pastor @ Gordon's Tomb in the city of Jerusalem.
  • Happy 50th Year Anniversary
  • It took the Ps to get me here! Thank God for Persistence, Perseverance & Prayer!
  • Welcome in this Place
  • Happy Anniversary - The 1st African American elected President of IBSA, Rev. Dr. Donald L. Sharp - The 1st African American President of SBC (Rev. Dr. Fred Luter)..
  • Pastor, Ruby Jenkins (one of two members who have been with Pastor for 50 years) and 1st Lady, Lurlie.
  • Happy Anniversary to Pastor & 1st Lady - FTBC Church Family
  • Rev. Will Bonner & Pastor Sharp.
  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, including dancing!
  • Dancing with citizen of Dahomey
  • Becoming a Honorary Citizen - Benin, West Africa
  • A Day to Remember
  • Happy Anniversary to our Pastor & 1st Lady, Lurlie. We love you!. FTBC Inter-generational Choir.

A 50 Year Journey

    Happy Fifieth Year Anniversary!

There is an old Chinese proverb that states, "one picture is worth a thousand words."  

     This comes to mind as we celebrate the 50 year journey of our Pastor, Rev. Dr. Donald L Sharp and 1st Lady, Lurlie.  

     This also reminds us relative to his many travels that God is ALIVE!  and alive at Faith Tabernacle.  There is no question that these are very exciting times in the 50 year history of his leadership as the Undershepard of this congregration.  The excitement is not so much in the numbers but the spiritual growth that has taken place due to the love, nurture, and the support we have experienced from Pastor & Lurlie.  

     So many prayers, so many tears shed, so much hope shared, so many smiles given, so many dreams inspired, so much encouragement spoken to our children, grandchildren and all who have entered the doors.  So many hugs given, so much time spent unselfishly.  There is nothing more wonderful than having Pastor's love for us shown through his care for us.    

     Through his teaching, our church has grown as we continue to reach outside of our four walls touching the lives of those who quite possibly would have never come to us.  There isn't any doubt that his leadership and devotion to God, along with his ability to reach people where they have fallen rather than where he stands has cultivated and motivated so many in the church and families.  FTBC is by no means the same church of 50 years passed and Rev. Sharp is CERTAINLY not the same pastor that started this journey 50 years ago!  All of the praise and glory belongs to God. Thanks to the Holy Spirit that moves in our midst!  

     As we move towards the future we remember the words of Jesus in Mark 10:27, when He declared, "With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible."

     Therefore, Faith Tabernacle can declare without a shadow of doubt that thanks to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the obedience of our risen Savior, God's unmerited favor and our Pastor's steadfast leadership of 50 years that All is well within our gates.  

      Thank you, Pastor & 1st Lady for being here with us during some very difficult years but some really wonderful times.  

     Great is thy Faithfulness.  We love you and we thank God who loves us all for allowing you to stay in the battle as He wins the war in all of our lives.

Congratulations Pastor and 1st Lady on this most AUSPICIOUS ocassion of 50 great years!  

The Family. . . .
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