Cloud of Witnesses

"The Church That is Built on Faith and Grows by Love"
Rev. Dr. Donald L. Sharp, Pastor


1964 - 2019

              Faith Tabernacle Baptist Church (FTBC)
                          Cloud of Witnesses

God has been good and an endless very present help in time of trouble; a fortress for Faith Tabernacle Baptist Church (FTBC).  His love has sustain us for fifty-five years! 

We are "The Church That is Built on Faith ad Grows by Love."  Therefore, we praise God to whom we belong and persistently, joyfully, and humbly shout for joy!  As we look back over our history and we think on the goodness of God, we can honestly say, that we have been blessed!  Withstanding the winds and the storms for these fifty-five years is But by God's grace. . . .

We have not done this along, there are those who have gone on before us who shares in FTBC's  history in making the foundation by which it stands and has endured.  We thank God for their foot prints.  The names listed are only a fraction of those who have entered our doors.  FTBC's legacy is still being made Built on Faith as it continually Grows by Love.  

"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness." (Lamentations 3:22-23).

May God continue to get the glory! 

     FTBC Cloud of Witnesses

Barker Ella Ms.
Batey Ethel Ms.
Battle Helen Mrs.
Bloodsaw Dorothy Mrs.
Bonner Beatrice Ms.
Boone Osie Mr.
Bowden Mary Mrs.
Bridges Mary Mother
Brown Eva Mrs.
Burrell Rosalind Ms.
Burrell Ruby Mrs.
Cain Mary Mother
Carr Catherine Mrs.
Ciesla Ruby Ms.
Cole Egeria Mrs.
Cooper Kenneth Mr.
Cooper Juanita Ms.
Copeland Beatrice Mrs.
Cox Mary Mrs.
Curry Betty Ms.
Daniels Booker (Butch) Mr.
Daniels Fred, Sr. Mr.
Dore' Barbara Tr.
Dumas Woodie Tr.
Franklin Patricia Mrs.
Futrell Deloris Mrs.
Gill Minnie Mother
Gillies Dixie Mrs.
Gray Wesley Dea.
Green Willie Mr.
Greer Darnell Mr.
Hall Gwendolyn Mrs.
Hall Kevin Mr.
Hall Keith Mr.
Hamlin Katherine Mrs.
Harding Christine Mother
Harper Dwayne Mr.
Harris Evelyn Mrs.
Harvey Betty Tr.
Haynes Patricia Ms.
Head John Mr.
Holloway Nellie Mother
Holmes Joyce Mrs.
Holmes Pompey Mr.
Horne Katherine Ms.
Hubbard Berniece Ms.
Isabel Linda Ms.
Isabel James Mr.
Ivy Gwendolyn Ms.
Jackson Vertis Mr.
Jackson Carrie Mrs.
Jackson Ada Mother
Jenkins Ivory Dea.
Jenkins Ruby Mrs.
Jenkins Donald Mr.
Johnson Robert Mr.
Jones Wilson Tr.
Jones Mary Mrs.
Jones Rochester Mrs.
Jones William H. Mr.
Jones Dovie Mrs.
Jones Ardelia Ms.
Lariviera Rubin Mr.
Lawler Lillian Mrs.
Leach Jean Mrs.
Lewis James Dea.
Lewis Helen Mrs.
Littlejohn Izetta Mrs.
Littlejohn Gilbert Mr.
Martin-Sneed Luvenia Mrs.
McArthur Edward Mr.
McElroy Margaret Mother
McMillan Janice Mrs.
Miller Lumetha Ms.
Miller Wiliam Mr.
Murden Ralston Dea.
Murray Jocelyn Ms.
Nesbitt Gregory Dea.
Nichols Martha Mrs.
Pegues Lucille Ms.
Perpignan Regine Mrs.
Pettis Gregory Mr.
Phillips-Sharp Phoebe Mother
Phillips Emanuel Tr.
Pryor Gloria Mrs.
Ramsey George Dea.
Ramsey Thurmond Mr.
Richardson Evelyn Mrs.
Robinson Addie Ms.
Rodgers Pearl Ms.
Ryland Anna Ms.
Sawyer Marian Mrs.
Sharp Verdell Mrs.
Shyne Elroy Mr.
Smith Carrie Mother
Sneed Charlie Mr.
Spann Mattie Mother
Spann Toni Ms.
Spann Calvin Mr.
Spaulding Rebecca Ms.
Stephens Elizabeth Mrs.
Strong Motte Mrs.
Taylor, Sr. Donald Mr.
Thomas Deloris Mrs.
Tillery Christine Ms.
Tribble Eudora Mother
Triche Ronald Mr.
Turner Dorothy Ms.
Vaughn Donnette Rev.
Waker William Rev.
Walker Geraldine Mrs.
Walker Mirdis Mrs.
Weatherall Gene Mr.
Weaver Dorelle Ms.
West Harold Mr.
Williams Janice Ms.
Williams Chester Dea.
Williams Douglas Dea.
Williams Ruth Mrs.
Wilson Michael Mr.
Woodard Mable Mrs.
Young Marion Mrs.































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