Associate Ministers

     The Associate Ministers are designated to assist in all worship services including leadership in family and congregational lead prayer, biblical studies and all preaching services at the discretion of the Pastor.  Assoc. Ministers also perform any other responsibilities incidental to the position of Associate Minister, as defined by the Pastor.


Rev. Will Bonner                                                                     
Director of Nursing Home Ministry
Teacher  (Monday Night Bible Study)


Rev. Mary Ann Daniels
Director of Sunday Morning Bible School

Rev. Brian Howard
Administrative Assistant to the Pastor
Director of Evangelism Ministry
Director of Men's Ministry

 Rev. Valerie Parker-Howard
2017 Chairperson of Graduate's Day
Director of Drama Ministry
FTBC Facebook Coordinator
Girl Talk 
Coordinates LED Sign Information  

Rev. Troy Patterson

Rev. Margo Payne
Director of Children's Church
Chairperson of Back to School Program

Rev. Parnella West

Rev. Michael Williams